Blurring the boundary between food, music and art, the concept behind Because the Wind is to create a social atmosphere where individuals can connect with one another while imbibing in the sensory environment created for them. It is a vessel towards immersive communication.

The food, which spans seven to nine courses, is crafted with the utmost integrity, focusing not on a singular idea but rather the resonance of a harmonious pairing of flavor and texture. 

We are BYOB.

You are the vehicle that keeps this idea moving forward. Your generosity is what allows us to progress and create. Only the highest quality ingredients are used and either sourced hyper locally or pursued at great lengths.

This Spring/Summer, we will begin to reformat the structure of these dinners. Moving towards a more intimate and meaningful experience, we will be hosting up to 8 guests providing a more connected and curated tasting menu at our kitchen table. 

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